Intro to Whitewater Kayaking

On this four day course you will be immersed [literally] in the river. We'll teach you basic whitewater kayaking skills, rolling, good paddling technique and river reading skills that will develop your independence on the river. If you've never paddled before or are a beginner seeking help, this course will help move you forward. We use pool sessions, video and and lots of underwater time to develop and enhance your skills. 


Cost: $995 * 







Intermediate Whitewater Kayaking

If you already know that kayaking is life and the rest is detail, this course has some great hints for a long and happy life on the river. We'll set you on course for a 100% roll and teach you to "power up the blade" for improved boat placement. More advanced river reading and picking the right trip For you are also covered. We aim to see you becoming independent, confident river runners; out there having a blast - surfing the wave.  

Cost: $995 *






Advanced Whitewater Kayaking

This course is about making the move consistently, having a bombproof roll, hole-playing in control, and confidently running harder whitewater. Take on the key skills that will help you make the move to higher grades.  

Cost: $995 *







Rodeo Skills, Freestyle Kayaking

Screw ups, barrel rolls, the elusive third point, controlled flat spins - it's all in your head! To get the most from this clinic you need a solid roll [preferably both sides] and the right tool for the job. Plug in [ears and nose] to our instructors' groove as they urge you to the next level of boat control.  


Cost: $495 






Instructional Guiding

Advanced river reading, "boofing" safely and rescue skills are covered as we brush up your skills in Murchison and then head to Hokitika. This course will help you get the most from the challenge presented by the world class rivers of the West Coast.  


Cost: POA




See the dates our kayak courses are running at the end of this page.






Have you attended one of our whitewater courses and wish to check in on how you are progressing? Ensure you don't develop any bad habits by joining us on a 2 day refresher course.


Cost: $495






The level 1 course looks at boat and equipment design, basic knots and pulley systems, boat to boat rescues, throwbagging, boat extraction and swimming in water up to grade 3. Even victims need to be highly trained!
The level 2 course covers more advanced ropework such as abseiling, tyroleans, telfers and complex pulley systems. We also look at methods of extracting you and your boat from big holes! If you are into "epic" prevention this is the course For you. Sign up before your next trip to the West Coast. For $270 both courses include the cost of the use of rescue jackets and throwbags.




Do you want to be a professional instructor or improve your ability to help your friends or clubmates? This course looks at strokes, rolling, teaching situations, use of video camera analysis, river trips, instructor rescues; plus we advise you on your personal paddling in relation to NZOIA standards. The $495 cost includes accomodation, use of video camera and television and swimming pool sessions.




Design your own course. Whether you have a group of friends who want a course with a specific theme or you want a 1:1 session contact us and we will make it happen.

Custom Kayaking Trips are available in both New Zealand and the USA!

* Cost is based on a 1:4 instructor:client ratio. Cost includes instruction, accommodation, video analysis, swimming pool sessions and transport around Murchison.

All prices are in $NZ and include GST @ 12.5%. We accept Visa/ Mastercard for deposits and payment.


COURSE DATES 2016 / 2017


October 2106


Sept 28-Oct 2 NZOIA Symposium

Oct 8-11 Catch the Wave

Oct 15-18 Multisport 

Oct 15-18 Catch the Wave

Oct 15-18 Make the Move

Oct 22-23 River Rescue

Oct 21-24 Catch the Wave

Oct 21-24 Make the Move

Oct 29-1 Nov Meet the River

Oct 29-1 Nov Catch the Wave

Oct 29-1 Nov Make the Move


November 2016


Nov 5-8 Meet the River

Nov 5-8 Catch the Wave

Nov 11-14 (Fri to Mon)

Nov 11-14 Meet the River

Nov 19-22 Catch the Wave

Nov 19-20 River Rescue

Nov 19-22 Meet the River

Nov 26-29 Catch the Wave

Nov 26-29 Make the Move

Nov 26-27 River Rescue


December 2016


Dec 3-6 Meet the River

Dec 3-6 Catch the Wave

Dec 3-6 Make the Move

Dec 10-14 Meet the River

Dec 10-14 Catch the Wave

Dec 10-14 Make the Move

Dec 17-20 Teacher's skill course

Dec 17-20 Meet the River

Dec 17-20 Catch the Wave

Dec 17-20 Make the Move

Dec 27-28 NZOIA/WWNZ Kayak 2 training

Dec 27-30 Meet the River

Dec 27-30 Catch the Wave

Dec 27-30 Make the Move


January 2017


Jan 2-3 3rd Point

Jan 2-3 NZOIA/WWNZ Kayak 1 training

Jan 2-5 Meet the River

Jan 2-5 Catch the Wave

Jan 2-5 Make the Move

Jan 7-8 River Rescue

Jan 7-10 Meet the River

Jan 7-10 Catch the Wave

Jan 7-10 Make the Move

Jan 12-15 Meet the River

Jan 12-15 Catch the Wave

Jan 12-15 Make the Move

Jan 21-14 Meet the River

Jan 21-24 Catch the Wave

Jan 21-24 Make the Move

Jan 16-20 Annual Kid's Course.  

Jan 21-24 Meet the River

Jan 21-24 Catch the Wave

Jan 21-24Make the Move

Jan 28-31 Meet the River

Jan 28-31 Catch the Wave

Jan 28-31 Feb Make the Move


February 2017


Feb 4-7 Meet the River

Feb 4-7 Catch the Wave

Feb 4-7 Make the Move

Feb 4-7 West Coast

Feb 13-17Expedition Medicine Course

Feb 18-21 Meet the River

Feb 18-21 Catch the Wave

Feb 18-21 Make the Move

Feb 25-28 Meet the River

Feb 25-28 Catch the Wave

Feb 25-28 Make the Move


March 2017


Mar 4-5 Bullerfest

Mar 11-14 Meet the River

Mar 11-14 Catch the Wave

Mar 18-21 Meet the River

Mar 18-21 Catch the Wave

Mar 18-21 Make the Move

Mar 25-28 Meet the River

Mar 25-28 Catch the Wave

Mar 25-28 Make the Move


April 2017


Apr 1-4 Meet the River

Apr 1-4 Catch the Wave

Apr 1-4 Make the Move

Apr 1-4 Meet the River

Apr 8-11 Catch the Wave

Apr 14-17 Meet the River

Apr 14-17 Catch the wave

Apr 14-17 Make the Move