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We have expanded our retail area and we are selling kayaks from Dagger, Liquid Logic and Bliss Stick, We outfit every boat we sell and we have two dedicated boat slaves to make sure your boat is a great fit and in working order. We also do repairs.

Our other major lines are Werner, (check out the white water and sea kayaking range at NRS, Day 2, Rasdecks, FNA and Hydraulics.

Hydraulics is the company owned by Clare Cosson and Dave Ritchie.  Clare was the designer for Macpac for 13 years before "downshifting" to Murchison where she and Dave worked at the kayak school and designed gear on the kitchen table. They have just  moved to Hokitika to be nearer the rain but  we still get to test their gear on the local rivers before it goes to manufacture.

They produce a comprehensive range of on and off the river kayaking wear and the best lifejackets/PFD's in the world (of course we’re biased). Not only did Clare and Dave design the gear but they built our retail shop as well!  The recent additions of Georgia Rose and Abbey to the family also ensures that Hydraulics will soon have a range of kids kayaking gear.




Quality Rental Gear


Despite its relative isolation, New Zealand has always been quick off the mark to keep up with kayak trends. The record time for a new model fibre glass slalom kayak to appear in Europe, be brought to New Zealand, and to be in production is just less than 3 weeks. Nowadays BlissStick boats are made here and Dagger, Liqid Logic and Pyranha boats are imported.  Accessories are made by Hydraulics and Razdecks.

At the kayak school we try to maintain an up to date kayak fleet and this year we are carrying models from Dagger, Pyranha, Bliss- Stick and Liquid Logic. We try to keep a range of rodeo boats, intermediate boats, and creek boats so clients taking lessons can try different boats before making a purchase. If you are visiting New Zealand for a while you might want to use a creek boat for the helicopter runs and a rodeo boat on the play stretches.