Our base in Murchison offers budget, bunkhouse style accommodation with communal kitchen facilities and is the ideal place to warm up for your tour, particularly if you are coming down from the northern hemisphere winter and you need to brush up your skills.


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At the moment we are able to offer  three bunkrooms with four beds in each or if you want to try something different we have two modern, kiwi style yurts.  Their design is based loosely on the mongolian yurt but we have made improvements to withstand the somewhat wetter climate of the west coast of New Zealand.


A recent addition is a training pond designed so that we can sit on the deck and film your strokes in comfort before analysing them instantly  on the big screen data projector in the lounge.


The kitchen easily caters for twenty people and makes it easy for you to cook individually or communally.   


Combine all that with outstanding views of the Murchison Alps, otherwise known as the Lyall Range and we have a very nice base for your kayak course or holiday. 


Alternatively, if you would prefer your living arrangements to be more private, literally just across the road is the very friendly and comfortable Murchison Lodge.


The Lodge is "paddler friendly" as the owners, Daphne and Phillip, are kayak friendly.  Home baking and BBQ breakfasts replace calories lost on the water; most rooms are ensuite, there's free internet access and use of bikes and plenty of hanging space for wet gear.


Highly recommended, it's a quieter place to hang out, particularly if you have non-paddlers in your party!


For anybody using the services of the New Zealand Kayak School, they offer a 10% discount on stay of four nights or more.