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Murchison , NZ Kayaking Site 
Wild Earth Sea Kayaking Eco-Tours 
NZ Recreational Canoeing Association 
Alpine Kayak Club
Stanford Kayak Club
San Onofre Surf Kayak Association
River Tech Canoe and Kayak School Outfitter
Osprey Outdoors Kayak School
Building a Greenland Kayak
Dave's Colorado Whitewater Kayak Page
Fred Mechini Kayak
Kayak Adventure Tours Australia
Kayak Solomons
Kayaking and Canoeing New Zealand
Nick's Kayak Page
Bergen University Kayak Club
Preston's Kayak Page
Carl's Paddin'
Greenland Kayak Links
Paddles and Pathways
GASP! Gulf Area Sea Paddlers
Northeastern Whitewater Page
River Sports Guide
Canberra Canoe Club
New Zealand Canoeing Association
Mining Co. Canoeing/Kayaking Site
Full Moon Rafting
National Organization of Whitewater Rodeos
American Whitewater Affiliation
Pete and Ed Books, Kayak links
Wave~Length Paddling Network
Canada's Paddling Source
Professional Paddlesports Association
The Mad Otter
Little Adventure Company
The Spice Of Life
The World of Canoeing and Kayaking
University of Canterbury Canoe Club
On-Water Sports Resources
John's Nautical and Boatbuilding Page
American Canoe Association
Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association
Scottish Canoeing Association
Whitewater Association of British Columbia
Freestyle Canoeing
Hurley's Journal
Western Japan Whitewater
Manitoba Recreational Canoeing Association
University of Warwick Canoe Club
Ottawa White Water Paddler
Lower Columbia Canoe Club
Boat Owner's World




Murchison Lodge 


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