Create your own schedule!

We are flexible and can organise courses and schedules to suit your individual needs. Here is an itinerary we put together for a group of Wyoming Doctors:




  • Day 1 Arrive Nelson. Drive to Murchison.
  • Days 2-5 Kayak course around Murchison.
  • Day 6 Rest day!! Maruia Hot Pools
  • Day 7-9 Paddle rest of rivers around Murchison not covered on course. Evening drive to "Last Resort" in Karamea.
  • Day 10 Helicopter trip on Mohikunui river. Grade 3/4.
  • Day 11 Helicopter Trip on Karamea river. Grade 4+.
  • Day 12 Upper Grey river.
  • Day 13 Helicopter trip Perth river. Grade 4.
  • Day 14 Kakapotahi river. Grade 3/4.
  • Day 15 drive to Nelson.




  • Days 1-9: $225 per day for (day 6 is free!) Cost includes instruction, accommodation in Murchison, video, pool, boats, transport. sub-total $1800.
  • Days 10-15: $245 per day. Cost includes above + accommodation in Backpacker hostels. sub-total $1125
  • Food: - I suggest a kitty/pool system starting @ $750 per head which may need topping up depending on how often you want to eat out.
  • Helicopters: - $1000-1500 per head. This gives me a bit of leeway for 2013/14 prices and I would like the option of taking in a second guide depending on your form, river flows, weather etc.
  • Variables I have forgotten:- permits, hot pools, 2013/14 prices of accommodation, gas etc. $200 per head.
  • Nicely calculated to give a grand Total of $NZ 5175. This price is an estimate and will vary considerably if A.) you eat a lot. B.) We don't fly anywhere because of floods, bad weather etc. C.) You decide to stay in the Hilton!
  • Estimates based on a 1:4 instructor/client ratio This gives a $US price at current exchange rates (August 2, 2013) of $4062 per person ex Nelson.


These prices include NZ Goods and Service Tax of 15%. We accept Visa/ Mastercard for deposits and payment.

If you want a different schedule, easier water, harder water, more helicopter trips, fewer helicopter trips... we can plan accordingly.