Introduction to white water kayaking

Beginner Course

This four-day introductory course starts right at the very beginning, so no prior experience is required. We’ll teach you about your gear and equipment, rescues, safe technique, fundamental skills and river-reading ability. We see rolling as an integral part of becoming an independent kayaker. Daily pool sessions allow you to develop your rolling technique. Lots of underwater time and a clever progression builds your skills and confidence. Minimal drive-time to the pool and rivers means more kayaking for you, return to the lodge between sessions to eat, warm up (and nap if you need!) and enjoy analysing your skills through video feedback with your feet up in the lounge.

Your instructor will customise information on the go, making sure you get exactly what you need. If you have never paddled before, have limited experience, are a beginner seeking help or have been taught by your friends, then this course is for you.

Duration: 4 days
Accommodation: Included
Gear Hire: Available
Course Price: $1095
Dates: See our calendar here

Most people will have a mate who is keen to teach them to kayak. Unfortunately, chances are their mate won’t teach them best practices and it’s unlikely to be safe. Kayaking is one sport where proper tuition by qualified instructors will produce the best possible results. My advice to anyone wanting to learn or improve their kayaking, at whatever level, for any sort of paddling, is to enrol at a course at the NZ Kayak School. I even enrolled my three children into kayak courses at the school even though I have worked as a kayak instructor myself, because I know that they are best teachers in the country for anyone wanting to enjoy their paddling, by learning safely and having fun

Nathan Fa'avae