Be an Asset on the water

River Rescue 1 and River Rescue 2

Note: These are the prerequisite courses for sitting NZOIA Kayak 1, NZOIA Class 3 Management and NZOIA Kayak 2.

River Rescue 1 and River Rescue 2 are two-day rescue courses that focus on up skilling and consolidating your white water rescue skills. Whether you are a recreational kayaker, an outdoor instructor, kayak club member or just feeling rusty with your rescues, you are certain to finish this course with a refreshed toolbox. River Rescue 1 covers gear and equipment design, boat-based rescues, throw bagging, basic knots, mechanical advantage, river swimming and access on Class 2. River Rescue 2 looks at advanced rescue skills on Class 3. Both courses also cover how to be a well-trained victim, the principles of river rescue and situation analysis. Stay current with your rescue skills for the safety of both yourself and your team, so you are ready when it matters.

The course content of both River Rescue 1 and River Rescue 2 closely follow the NZOIA River Rescue Scope and Syllabus, which can be found Here.

Duration: 2 days
Accommodation: Available
Gear Hire: Available
Course Price: $325
Dates: See our calendar here